Thursday, June 16, 2011

Report card of Kerala Board girl is a shocker

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This girl's report card beats all cut offs hands down.
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FOR M. S. Shreelakshmi, a student of Kerala Board who has applied to DU’s St Stephen’s College, no cut- off can prove to be a hurdle this year.

At a time when Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) has made applicants doubt the possibility of scoring a perfect 100 in at least four subjects, Sreelakshmi’s report card is quite the shocker.

A student of commerce, she has scored full marks in all her six subjects.

In other words, even a cut- off of 100 per cent can’t stop her from qualifying to any course in any college affiliated to DU this year. She has applied to B. A. ( Honours) Economics in Stephen’s.

“ Not only does she have 100 per cent in her best- of- four aggregate, but also in all the six subjects,” said N. Raghunathan, teacherin- charge, economics.

Raghunathan, however, pointed out that students of Kerala Board score very high marks every year.

“ But I have never seen anyone get perfect score in all subjects,” he added.


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  1. kishore kumar kakoti's photo

    kishore kumar kakoti: A perfect 10 !Possible only in Kerala Board !

    3 mins ago
  2. bookworm's photo

    bookworm: 100%? Of course something is wrong with the system! All students have atlesat one langiage subject and you can never score full there! But let us not blame that poor girl for "cramming" or "mugging up"...she must be a perfectly nice girl with a great brain. She must have worked hard. But a 100% gives discredits her board without giving any credit to her credibilities.

    3 mins ago
  3. sanjay's photo

    sanjay: ha ha ha is it some sought of practical joke to laugh around. height of absurdity and insanity.

    8 mins ago
  4. Avinash Kulkarni.'s photo

    Avinash Kulkarni.: "100%" Marks in Arts Faculty actually " IMPOSSIBLE ".....!!!!There are separately allocated marks - points for Essay Writting as well as Comprehension, Correct writting etc. Her Answer sheets must be PUBLISHED..!! " Valuation " seems to be DOUBTFUL....., hence needs to be enquired in to in details...!!

    35 mins ago
  5. vijaya's photo

    vijaya: How can a student of Commerce is applying for B.A Arts i dont understand She should apply for Bachelor of Commerce i.e. BCOM after getting full marks in all subjects,and regarding getting full marks in all subjects is not possible.The marks are given by Teachers so there is some Gadbad in the system

    41 mins ago
  6. Krishna Kumar t r's photo

    Krishna Kumar t r: this is shows that teachers and education system has reached perfection and also the correction and evalution of student is makki ka makki
    i am sure the great mahamad bin tugalaq is ruling kerala
    ha ha ha

    56 mins ago
  7. kristan's photo

    kristan: Really It's shocking to know that she has scored 100% in all the subjects,It's highly impossible please,The kerala government( Education Department )would have played tricks ,

    1 hours ago
  8. selva's photo

    selva: This girl got 100% of marks in arts subjects like commerce, accountancy etc and not in science subjects and that is why she has applied to B. A. ( Honours) Economics in Stephen’s. Getting 100% of marks in arts subjects is not easy and the valuation may not be very strict in Kerala. Awarding 100% of marks to all arts subjects shows that education standard in Kerala is in a decreasing step.


    1 hours ago
  9. Prakash's photo

    Prakash: i agree with ashutosh,why B.A.(Honours)but u deserve for clap.keep it up

    1 hours ago
  10. chowdary's photo

    chowdary: congrats Sree Lakshmi.........Good on You......

    1 hours ago
  11. NidhiS's photo

    NidhiS: ok people we need to stop dis race now.....
    very gud dat people work hard for their future bt now we need 2 change our education system....
    dis system n dis pressure is killing students n stressing dem big tym....
    we need practical tests to check peoples knowledge..
    mugging up things n feelin happy on scorin 100% is not really going to work...

    1 hours ago
  12. Simrat's photo

    Simrat: sheer nonsense......what the hell does she 100 % for??
    the students are just cramming for no reason in India .the education system needs to be changed

    1 hours ago
  13. Natarajan's photo

    Natarajan: Indian education has lost its value long time that is the reason I moved abroad before 13 years and I am proud that my generation is getting good education unlike in India where there is no value for 100% and I totally disregard any exam which provide 100%. It is totally waste education in India and it is a bussiness and not a knowledge and wisdom. I am sorry for this but it is fact of a highly corrupted place in the hands of rich and politicians

    1 hours ago
  14. A thinking Humanbeing's photo

    A thinking Humanbeing: Well guys let us not take away the credit from this girl for all the hard work she put, but this is a result of hours and hours of "rattofying" and some one said the Kerala board scores are usually high so it is not surprising but all subjects 100% is some sort of a shocker, don't be shocked, either she had some tuition master who was so smart to guess the right questions which would appear in the examination or has given a list of main questions which he might have predicted from his experience or from some source in ministry of education. This reminds me of an investigation which took place in 1985 about Kerala's educational system ordered by the PM Rajiv Gandhi and carried out by the noted educationist Mr.Malcolm Adiseshaiya who in one line said "just overhaul the enitire educational system of Kerala" which clearly describes how it is and i dont know if there had been any changes in that system.I will give credit to the girl for sheer hardwork and staying away from distractions.

    1 hours ago
  15. Amv's photo

    Amv: Standards have fallen that low, and ppl are being proud for nothing. CBSE board is such a fail system , you see the previous years question paper ,it seems as if they only have a defined set of questions to give. Im sorry but these days one doesnt need to put his/her brain cells at work to score

    1 hours ago
  16. jai's photo

    jai: CONGRATS Shreelakshmi...keep up the good work...
    read this bloody comment from one sex-maniac not adding his name to this just coz i dont want to spoil ma best wishes for this gal... Mr Dash u are one pathetic gone case... know this not all are like ur mum (sorry aunty)

    2 hours ago
  17. Rajesh's photo

    Rajesh: Bravo! It happens only in India.

    2 hours ago
  18. hareerajen's photo

    hareerajen: freakin nerd! grow up, be social!

    2 hours ago
  19. Harshdeep Singh's photo

    Harshdeep Singh: girls are always on higher mountain...........really well done and congratulations or best wishes 4 ur future..

    2 hours ago
  20. Gian's photo

    Gian: proud india,but such a score not to be at the cost of extra-curricular activities,so develop ur persnality as

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